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From AnneMiller.com, The Metaphor Minute


The Trick is the Treat, The Metaphor Minute via Anne Miller.com 

Never underestimate the power of metaphors: spoken, printed, or ready-to-eat!

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Resort World Casino 1st Anniversary Cake

Resort World Casino 1st Anniversary Cake

Resort World Casino’s 1st Anniversary

A cake that can feed a casino crowd made by the baking team of Cascon Bakery, Bonne Fete Baking and YouCake. Click here for the full Queens Chronicle about the event.







Baby Center: DIY Cookie Decorating Kits

BabyCenter’s Blog: Molly Balint (MommyCoddle)
“Nowadays parties are more than just cake and ice cream. Parents are expected to plan party activities and send home each little guest with a party favor of some sort. That’s why I like these custom cookie decorating kits. They are the craft and the favor all rolled into one!” Read the full review, here.






Food City Mom: Best Cake Ever


Food City Mom – Cake Ideas: Best Cake Ever 
Stop & Shop cake with a YouCake topper! Read the full review, here.









Prissy Review, Mom’s Nite Out

The Prissy Mommy Reviews & Giveaways, May 7, 2011

When I planned for my National Mom’s Nite Out Celebration I knew that I wanted to have a sweet little treat to thank those who took the time to come and support me.  I also knew that I wanted it to be special and with a personal touch.  So I decided to go with a cake – specifically, a photo cake with the image of my blog logo and the MNO logo.  Pretty standard, most supermarkets provide this service, right?  Imagine my surprise when I called and visited over 10 local supermarkets, only to be told that their photo machines were broken.  I felt frustrated and, as the event grew closer, very disappointed that my vision wouldn’t be fulfilled.

The week before the event I finally found a grocer – not located close to me at all – but whose photo machine was actually working.  I asked the baker if I could email my image to him, as time was limited and getting there would be difficult.  I was surprised when he informed me that I needed to come in with my photo printed out to scan.  It was around this time that I discovered YouCake.  YouCake specializes in beautiful, high-quality, edible photo toppers that can be customized any way you like.  Unlike most bakeries, YouCake works with digital images – so your photo can be sent via email.  Should you choose, they’ll even add their own graphic embellishment – making your design that much more beautiful.  Also unique to YouCake, they can create any size or shape cake topper (up to 11 x 17 inches).  This was perfect for me as I wanted a full sheet cake! Read on

Create a more elaborate bakery style topping…

 Photo birthday cake
Colleen Padilla's ClassyMommy YouCake Review
Loving YouCake for Birthday Celebrations!

For Babyboy’s birthday, Divina of The Dancing Hotdogs writes, “I would definitely use these again for my next event. Again I wowwed my guests and got Babyboy’s seal of approval. Did I mention I love YouCake now?”



YouCake Birthday Cake Topper

Kosher foodie Mom, living the frugal life gets sweet tweet.

According to Mom Esti in her Prime Time Parenting Blog 3/14/10 post on her YouCake experience: “if you are looking for a way to “wow” your guest of honor as well as your friends and family at your next celebration, YouCake will give you something to smile about even after the cake is gone. Now, if this isn’t a picture worth a thousand words, even though my son only says several at this point in his life., I could tell by his smile that he was really impressed!”






From Mom’s Nite Out

They had created the Mommy Niri logo topper for my Mom Nite Out and offered to create one for my girl’s cake….This is a neat way of giving a fancy, professional finish to your home baked cake...Click here for the full review.











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